DIY: How To Make Infused Olive Oil At Home

Written by Farmer Rich aka Mr. G-thumbs
Edited by Chef Dannie
1/4 cup sage
12.5 cups (3L) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
15 dried 8 inch rosemary twigs leaves on
15 freash 8 inch rosemary twigs leaves on
1 handful of fresh herbs (for this recipe it's half sage and rosemary)

  • Get good music together for inspiration!! RN we are playing a krunk, trap and dance hall mix*
  • Sanitize bottles- (How you may ask) by boiling water As You Are washing the bottles with soap and water. *If possible get a bottle brush if you can to get the insides thoroughly
  • Once you finish washing,  get the boiling water and place the bottles inside and around it for about 5 to 7 minutes after they are fully dried meaning NO water at all left or remaining in bottles then you're bottles are ready.
  • In a clean slow cooker / crock pot
  • Cut rosemary bundle in half to split you'll see why later
    * Need something to hold your rosemary tea try a our  enamel mug *Tea Cup
  • Grab your Sage as well as your Rosemary if you want to add any other herbs here is your time some people prefer all  dried so the water remaining in plant does not leak out into olive oil.  * Also a typical rule is dry herbs for hot infusions freash herbs for cold fusion* rme
  • Place  in the slow cooker on high uncovered for 1 hour       
  • Once finish put it aside so it can cool down.
  • Once room temperature place in sanitized bottles, place the other half of twigs in bottles for aesthetics
  • Cover tightly and store away from direct light, keep at room temperature for up to 2 months, or in the refrigerator for 6 months. Do a little research to see which one you prefer.
  •  Available at Park City Harvest. ( *Product Created by  P.C.H Chef Danni of Bridgeport Connecticut!*)




*= tips

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