Lawn, Gardening & Maintenance Services

Our lawn service are dedicated to using the best sustainable methods to maintain your lawn.

  • Lawn Clean Up: Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? Leave it to us.
  • Trimming & Hedging: New hedges & flowering shrubs needs to be, trimmed early and often to encourage healthy growth and to establish your desired shape. *Ex.trimming will depend on when they bloom. Spring flowering shrubs should be cut after they bloom and summer ones should be cut in spring or winter.
  • Fertilizing: Hardly necessary when leaving grass cuttings on lawns to compost in, we use only modest, natural organic fertilizers that are safe for the environment.
  • Soil Optimization: Grass grows best in certain conditions and we can use organic, eco-friendly treatments to optimize the soil.
  • Small plant placement : have some plant or an idea of what colors youd like to see on your property? Leave that to us.


  • Garden Consultations Anyone?!?